Gap Year Programs in India

Why Take a Gap Year in India

India is a vast nation with five millennia of history and an array of terrain and climates from the Himalayas through swamps, plains, forest and jungles to thousands of miles of coastline dotted with massive metropoles.

Bustling cities hide awe inspiring temples and deserts run into stunning National Parks: there’s just so much to do and see. One of the destinations for which our programme hardly scratches the surface of the possibilities for a gap year. You'll find it almost impossible to choose between the options of what to do in your spare time.

Gap Year in India

Gap Year Programs in India

If India sounds like your dream destination, the next step is to join our program.

India projects:


Nepal & India Adventure

Duration 4 - 8 weeks Prices from from$3600
A diverse adventure through the lost kingdoms of Nepal before continuing to India's spectacular sights,
Accommodation Meals and Support
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I went outside of my comfort zone and did some amazing things and met loads of amazing people that were interested in what I was interested in, which is really cool!
I feel so grateful to have met people that I no doubt will stay connected to for the rest of my life.
The instructors are some of the most professional, kind, hard working, good fun and just bloody awesome people you will have the pleasure of meeting and in my experience the same is true for the volunteers.
I would definitely recommend this project to everyone who loves meeting new people, diving, beach life and sun.
Met some of the most amazing people who I will never forget. Thanks for one of the best experiences ever Gapforce!