Language school trip

About a Gapforce language school trip

The advantages of knowing more than one language have long been advocated, and never more so than right now due to the cosmopolitan nature of the internet and the reduced costs and accessibility of international travel.

Evidence shows that bilingual people enjoy better brain function and increased resistance to neurological diseases - with such well-documented benefits, what more reason does any school need to take its pupils on a language school trip?

What to expect from a Gapforce French or Spanish language trip

A language school trip designed by Gapforce is intended to expose students to native speakers of the language that they are learning in a variety of contexts and situations to allow them to develop their abilities.

An immersive language school trip to a Spanish or French speaking country, for example, is a fantastic way for a group of students to test their language skills. The options are not limited to Spain and France - a whole range of exciting and exotic locations await language students.

Whether that be teaching English as a foreign language at a school in Peru, chatting with a local family at a home-stay in Costa Rica, or engaging in traditional bartering at the local markets, or souks, of Morocco, a foreign language trip is sure to enhance the skills of pupils.

What are the benefits of a Gapforce language school trip?

Visiting a foreign country adds an extra dimension to any student’s language studies by providing an unforgettable insight into the culture of those who speak the language natively, increasing students’ motivation to put their developing skills to good use and learn new ones.

It also promotes language learning not only as an academic subject but also as a means of social interaction, an element that can often be lost in the context of classroom teaching.

At Gapforce we specialise in planning and leading custom-designed expeditions across the globe. Using the knowledge and experience of our expert team, who have 28 years of experience, at Gapforce we create educational adventures that students will remember for the rest of their lives.

Sample World Languages School Trip suggestions