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About Greenforce Marine Conservation Expeditions

For over 20 years, Greenforce has been committed to making an overall positive impact on the world that we all share! Through socially and environmentally responsible projects, set up by our own highly experienced team, Greenforce continues to support at risk communities and regions around the World!

Today, the Greenforce science legacy has grown to become part of the overall Gapforce vision - providing overseas conservation and volunteering projects throughout the world. Our marine conservation and wildlife conservation programs run in The Bahamas, Fiji, Costa Rica and more.

We can't do this alone though. We need volunteers on every one of our projects to get the job done and keep the projects going. You can volunteer with animals or volunteer with communities; helping maintain animal conservation or marine conservation projects or supporting local people through teaching or building projects. So if you're looking for volunteer work abroad, Greenforce can offer you a huge variety of safe, rewarding and exiting volunteering placements overseas!

Our Greenforce Programs

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About Greenforce

The 1992 Rio Earth Summit, Section 3c stated that host countries should undertake base line biodiversity inventories to ascertain what areas need protection. If a signatory is unable to do this survey  they can request assistance from international aid agencies. Greenforce is one of these agencies.

Greenforce offers long term commitment to at-risk regions to establish and implement sustainable communities. In addition our training programs offer Volunteer Research Assistants the opportunity to work alongside scientists to make a real difference and also develop their careers in conservation.

"I believe it is key that my team and I visit each program and then place our own staff and partners in contact with the local communities. So we can work with and alongside the community to empower them to create their own future, how they want it, in the modern world.

Our programs provide you with the opportunity to help at-risk communities and for you to truly become a global citizen."

Marcus R. Watts - Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society,  Founder of The Greenforce Foundation.

The Greenforce Foundation is a UK registered charity promoting conservation, mico-development programs that empower at risk communities around the world.

Latest Awards:

  • UK Student Youth Volunteer Award
  • UK Green Achiever Award

Why Greenforce

Unique Charity Programmes

Created at the request of local communities, run by us, supported by you. Volunteers needed now to help make a difference.

Dedicated In-Country Staff

Greenforce Foundation programms are run alongside our partners, with their full input, to ensure commitment to the community goals.

Develop Your Career in Conservation

Volunteer on our programs, work alongside local at risk communities, understand their issues and help them create their sustainable future.

International Scientific Standards and Peer Reviewed Research

No experience required as we provide your training. So we are open to all, making us your ideal first global volunteer aid project.

Make Friends for Life

Share the adventure of a lifetime with the Greenforce Foundation, meet like-minded people, in a positive environment.

See What Happens on a Greenforce Project

Expedition Leader Training & Work - Outdoor Adventure Course

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